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Project Overload

Okay, so here’s my problem. I have all these great ideas I want to bring to you and I get excited about them. This excitement gets me working on all of them at once. Now, considering I work two jobs, children, and am trying to have something of a social life as well, this leaves me very little time to work on personal projects. I usually do a little bit after writing my post for this blog every night, but with so many projects going on it’s hard to believe that any of them will get done. This tells me I am officially in project overload and that I need to cut back.

It is for this reason that I must cut a few of the projects you might have heard about: The Murder, Readers’ Choice, and the untitled project mentioned about the Babylonian creation story (sorry Nate, I tried to get ahold of you today but you were gone already). What are we working on then? I have started on a script for a comic miniseries that readers of Frank Miller should love. This will actually be part of a trilogy of stories, each one featuring twelve 16-page issues. Also in the pipe are twelve scripts for sketch comedy performances. Once completed, I will try to put together a ragtag comedy troop and produce them for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, especially you Nate (but check your inbox often, I will have character descriptions for you soon). This was a choice I had to make or run the risk of not being able to bring anything to you at all. You can still expect to see daily blog posts here as well. Also, those nixed projects are not gone forever. They’ve been placed on the back burner until I can free up some more time to do them right.


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Readers’ Choice Update

Sorry about the late post. I got a telescope and was out looking at the sky with the kids. Today I want to update you on my work on Readers’ Choice 1.0. The first script I’m working on The Harlot’s Children. This story focuses on Marduk, a cosmic level character based on the Babylonian god of the same name. Marvel once used a character by this name. However, their version was turned out to be none less than Satan. Our vision for the character is to make him the hero he was in Babylonian mythology. This story has the warrior god of wisdom facing off against a horde of his sister’s children.

What I will be doing with this series is introducing characters from four different realities (the Neorama universe is composed of many realities and galaxies). The second issue will visit our reality, a world in which there are no superpowers and the heroes are all tough-as-nails crusaders. Our third issue introduces on of the fantasy based realities where there is no sun. The final issue will take us to a world not unlike our own, but where superpowers are a reality. Each issue is being written and lettered by me while my friend and fellow geek, Nate Foster, will provide the art and colors. Once all four issues have been released, readers will be able to vote on which on deserves its own ongoing quarterly series.

In other news, I am restarting me weekly fiction serial, The Murder, about a small town under attack by a flock of flesheating crows. Updated once every Sunday, each post will come in the form of diary entries, newspaper articles, and even some poetry. Employing Nate Foster once again, he will be providing black and white illustrations for each post. If you are into Stephen King, you will be into this.

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