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Paramount and the Future of Comics

After catching this article on Comic Book Resources today, I am feeling a mixture of joy and sadness. For those of you not willing to click on the link, Paramount Pictures reported this week that they will be releasing “mobil” comics based on the studio’s film properties. This includes Eagle Eye and Mission Impossible. Paramount’s digital entertainment division and Singapore-based Omnitoons will create these Manga-styled comics that run four single panels, four screens to a strip, and 20 screens per story episode. Currently available in the United States, Austrailia, Europe, and India as MMS or J2ME formats, PDE says they will be made available through key carriers worldwide. However, they will only be available downloads for your cell phones and will be treated as premium content by service providers and, therefore, you will be charged per download.

On one hand, I am happy to see this happening. It shows that comics are still a strong media in the world and that they are elvolving. As long as they continue to do so, the comic genre will continue to be strong. This proves also that digital comics are growing in strength, making it easier for independent creators to get the stories they toil over endlessly out to the public. Neorama’s own comics are going to take the digital route in the form of PDF downloads. But, this brings me to my other hand.

This also saddens me. As the digital age rises, I expect we will see a decline in print comics. To me there is nothing better about a comic than being able to hold it in your hands and studying each little detail about the artwork or examining the development of a story by pouring through back issues. With digital comics, you get little of that. Leaning in to a computer or cell phone screen will eventually drive you blind and you only have so much memory to store this strips (which have no collectibility due to infinate availability) on your phone. Ultimately, what costs less: another longbox or more memory for your iPhone? Could this rebirth of comics be the death of the incarnation that we have grown to love them in? We hope not, and that is why Neorama will also be offering its collected stories in trade paperback format as well.


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I have been reading up on real-life superheroes recently and was shocked to find so many. I thought, “Yeah, there will be maybe ten or so.” Actually, there are probably a hundred or more. Many of these caped crusaders use their personalitites to help their communities, organize charity events, aid the elderly, etc. However, there is a group out there that insists that they are their to fight crime. This is the group that scares me.

First off, lets say one of these guys goes out to fight crime and actually finds what they’re looking for. They intervine and either they or the criminal get seriously injured or killed. Just as we’ve seen with video games, movies, and music, it would not be long before politicians, moms, and the religious right started blaming comic books for the actions of others. Now, lets say they do come upon a crime and intervine, but then a cop shows up. Not only is the criminal getting arrested, so is the would-be hero. Again grounds for an anti-comic book crusade. Then, you have Newton’s law to think of – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The real-life superhero is a growing trend it seems and its great that there are people out there wanting to better the world. However, there are people out there, to quote Alfred from The Dark Knight, “Who just want to see the world burn.” With real-life heroes showing up and making names for themselves, how long will it be before a real-life villian decides he wants a name for himself too?

If you are going to don a cape and cowl, do so to help your communities through public service and rallying others to your cause. If you want to fight crime, form a neighborhood watch, join the police force, or run for office in your community. It’s legal and safer. To quote Batman from The Dark Knight, “I’m not wearing hockey pads.”

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