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The Brief Pause

I know that over the past two or three days I’ve been lax in my posting, and I apologize. There have been some turbulent times here at the old homestead that kept me from posting. However, I assure you that the blog goes on (as well as the writing of our own comics). Though I may miss a post here and there, I am diligent in the fact that I will continue to offer you content. So without further ado…


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Fantasy Cast: Batman 3

We all like to think about what it would be like if some of our favorite actors played some of our favorite characters. The current rage seems to be the next Batman film. Here at Neorama Comics, we’ve put together our own little fantasy cast for the to-be-released Batman sequel. Of course, we are excited to see Bale in the role of Wayne/Batman, Gary Oldman in the role of Gordon, Ekhart in the role of Two-Face (you don’t really think he’s dead do you?), Michael Caine as Aldred, and Morgan Freeman as Lucias Fox. But everyone knows that a Batfilm is made or broke with villains. Here are four we wanna see (well three, plus an anti-antihero).

We think Johnny Depp would fit the role of The Riddler perfectly. He has the ability to be funny in a whimsical sort of way (a la Jack Sparrow or Willie Wonka), yet able to do serious roles (such as in Secret Window or The Ninth Gate). Mr. Depp also has a knack for bringing any role he sinks into to life, something that any baddie successor to the late Heath Ledger will have to do.



With Rachel Whatsherface out of the picture there is room for another love interest in Bruce’s life. The most obvious choice to us is Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman. For such a role, Nolan will need someone who is not only sexy, but fierce as well. We suggest Jessica Biel. She proved herself fierce in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and is 100% sexy. Oh, and if Nolan seriously casts Cher, I will boycott the film and laugh as it burns in hell.




Now that Batman is being hunted by the police, it is a perfect time to bring in his longtime nemesis, Detective Harvey Bullock, putting him in charge of tracking down and arresting the caped crusader. For this role, we choose Michael Madsen. His body of work proves that he is beyond capable of depicting a rough around the edges, hardboiled detective.





Finally, since we obviously can’t have back the Joker we want, let’s throw his honey into the mix (maybe with just a cameo appearance, promising of another Batfilm). At first we were thinking it would be a role perfect for Jessica Alba. However, the more we thought about it, the more Miss Scarlet Johanson appealed to us. So what do you think?

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Project Overload

Okay, so here’s my problem. I have all these great ideas I want to bring to you and I get excited about them. This excitement gets me working on all of them at once. Now, considering I work two jobs, children, and am trying to have something of a social life as well, this leaves me very little time to work on personal projects. I usually do a little bit after writing my post for this blog every night, but with so many projects going on it’s hard to believe that any of them will get done. This tells me I am officially in project overload and that I need to cut back.

It is for this reason that I must cut a few of the projects you might have heard about: The Murder, Readers’ Choice, and the untitled project mentioned about the Babylonian creation story (sorry Nate, I tried to get ahold of you today but you were gone already). What are we working on then? I have started on a script for a comic miniseries that readers of Frank Miller should love. This will actually be part of a trilogy of stories, each one featuring twelve 16-page issues. Also in the pipe are twelve scripts for sketch comedy performances. Once completed, I will try to put together a ragtag comedy troop and produce them for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, especially you Nate (but check your inbox often, I will have character descriptions for you soon). This was a choice I had to make or run the risk of not being able to bring anything to you at all. You can still expect to see daily blog posts here as well. Also, those nixed projects are not gone forever. They’ve been placed on the back burner until I can free up some more time to do them right.

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Paramount and the Future of Comics

After catching this article on Comic Book Resources today, I am feeling a mixture of joy and sadness. For those of you not willing to click on the link, Paramount Pictures reported this week that they will be releasing “mobil” comics based on the studio’s film properties. This includes Eagle Eye and Mission Impossible. Paramount’s digital entertainment division and Singapore-based Omnitoons will create these Manga-styled comics that run four single panels, four screens to a strip, and 20 screens per story episode. Currently available in the United States, Austrailia, Europe, and India as MMS or J2ME formats, PDE says they will be made available through key carriers worldwide. However, they will only be available downloads for your cell phones and will be treated as premium content by service providers and, therefore, you will be charged per download.

On one hand, I am happy to see this happening. It shows that comics are still a strong media in the world and that they are elvolving. As long as they continue to do so, the comic genre will continue to be strong. This proves also that digital comics are growing in strength, making it easier for independent creators to get the stories they toil over endlessly out to the public. Neorama’s own comics are going to take the digital route in the form of PDF downloads. But, this brings me to my other hand.

This also saddens me. As the digital age rises, I expect we will see a decline in print comics. To me there is nothing better about a comic than being able to hold it in your hands and studying each little detail about the artwork or examining the development of a story by pouring through back issues. With digital comics, you get little of that. Leaning in to a computer or cell phone screen will eventually drive you blind and you only have so much memory to store this strips (which have no collectibility due to infinate availability) on your phone. Ultimately, what costs less: another longbox or more memory for your iPhone? Could this rebirth of comics be the death of the incarnation that we have grown to love them in? We hope not, and that is why Neorama will also be offering its collected stories in trade paperback format as well.

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Be A Rebel

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As I get ready to start penning a web series to be released on YouTube and on this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to share this book with you. Far from a how-to book, Rebel Without A Crew by Robert Rodriguez is still a must have for all would-be filmmakers. For those of you unfamiliar with the films of Rodriguez, you’ve either not read the credits of some of the best campy movies out there or been living under a rock. He is the mastermind behind Desperado, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Planet Terror, and the upcoming Red Sonja. Before all these blockbusters though, there was El Mariachi. This Spanish language film was shot on a budget of $7,000 over the couse of a couple weeks. And you know what? It’s good.

Rebel Without A Crew chronicles Robert’s journey, from selling his body to science to pay for the film (I’m not joking) to it landing him a deal with Paramont. Like I said it is not an instruction manual. However, there is a section in the back called “The Ten Minute Film School.” That’s right, according to Robert, everything you need to know about making a movie you can learn in ten minutes. The book, for what it lacks in instructions, it makes up for in inspiration. Seeing what this guy went through to get his movie made, one can’t help but feel they can do it too.

Filled with outlandish, yet true stories, the book is well written and never fails to entertain. The Ten Minute Film School is actually very helpful and inspiring in its own right. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out the movie it’s about.

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Readers’ Choice Update

Sorry about the late post. I got a telescope and was out looking at the sky with the kids. Today I want to update you on my work on Readers’ Choice 1.0. The first script I’m working on The Harlot’s Children. This story focuses on Marduk, a cosmic level character based on the Babylonian god of the same name. Marvel once used a character by this name. However, their version was turned out to be none less than Satan. Our vision for the character is to make him the hero he was in Babylonian mythology. This story has the warrior god of wisdom facing off against a horde of his sister’s children.

What I will be doing with this series is introducing characters from four different realities (the Neorama universe is composed of many realities and galaxies). The second issue will visit our reality, a world in which there are no superpowers and the heroes are all tough-as-nails crusaders. Our third issue introduces on of the fantasy based realities where there is no sun. The final issue will take us to a world not unlike our own, but where superpowers are a reality. Each issue is being written and lettered by me while my friend and fellow geek, Nate Foster, will provide the art and colors. Once all four issues have been released, readers will be able to vote on which on deserves its own ongoing quarterly series.

In other news, I am restarting me weekly fiction serial, The Murder, about a small town under attack by a flock of flesheating crows. Updated once every Sunday, each post will come in the form of diary entries, newspaper articles, and even some poetry. Employing Nate Foster once again, he will be providing black and white illustrations for each post. If you are into Stephen King, you will be into this.

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Introducing Neorama Entertainment

Welcome one and all to Neorama Entertainment. We will soon be bringing you a variety of news and entertainment. Avid fans of comics, movies, literature, and more – we are dedicated to bringing you the latest news about the things you grew up loving and new entertainment designed to suit not only your tastes, but your age too. In brief, we are what happens when dorks grow up.

First on our list of projects is Neorama Comics. These quarterly titles will be brought to you in the form of PDF downloads. The first of them, Readers’ Choice 1.0, will not only be free, but will offer readers the chance to vote on what our first ongoing series will be. Stay posted for the latest news on this and other titles.

Other projects on our list of things to do are: Neoramavision (a video production division), Neorama E-Publishing (a e-book production division), Neoramawear (a clothing design division), and whatever else we can dream up to offer you. If you are itching to get a taste of our imaginative side, take a waltz over to The Murder, a weekly web serial novel by Neorama founder, Raymond J. Repass, with illustrations by artist Nate Foster.

This page is promised to be updated at least once per day with news on comics, movies, literature, and whatever else we can drudge together, news on Neorama’s projects, or even just something fun from our creative teams. We bring you all this with a sincere love for all things dork.

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