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Neorama’s Top Five Comic Book Movies

Usually, when I hear that Hollywood is making a movie based on something I love, I cringe at the ways in which I imagine they are going to ruin it. However, over the past couple years, they have created some really great movies based on some legendary comic books and characters. Here is our top five:

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5.   This film from Robert Rodriguez is nearly a panel by panel remake of the series written by Frank Miller. With its film noir style, amazing camera work, and an all-star cast, it is no wonder that Sin City has made it onto this list.









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4. Groundbreaking is just one of the ways to describe this film from Zack Snyder (based on yet another Frank Miller story). Other ways to describe include: action-packed, bloody, exhilerating, and amazing. Utilizing the bullet time film technique originated from The Matrix in a swords and sandels action film was a wise choice from the director, adding to the granduer of the Spartan warriors in 300.








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3. What can we say, watching this movie just makes you want to dress like a pilgrim and overthrow your government. Directed by James McTeigue who worked on all three Matrix films, Dark City, and more is an updated version of Alan Moore’s graphic novel by the same name. It is nothing less than inspiring and features all the strangeness that one would expect from Alan Moore.








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2. The first film produced entirely by Marvel, they threw in everything and the kitchen sink when they made this movie. Granted they updated the origin story to fit in more with modern times, but the result was a action-packed, special effects extravaganza that lends itself quite easily to repeat viewing.









1. Having easily proven itself the king of comic book movies, Chris Nolan’s take on Batman has everyone whirling. Bale plays millionare Bruce Wayne and Batman with equal skill, Ledger’s Joker is now legendary, Ekhart as Two-Face by far tops Tommy Lee Jones’ version, and it sits at #2 in all time box office earnings with $504,798,337 and climbing under its belt.


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Fantasy Cast: Batman 3

We all like to think about what it would be like if some of our favorite actors played some of our favorite characters. The current rage seems to be the next Batman film. Here at Neorama Comics, we’ve put together our own little fantasy cast for the to-be-released Batman sequel. Of course, we are excited to see Bale in the role of Wayne/Batman, Gary Oldman in the role of Gordon, Ekhart in the role of Two-Face (you don’t really think he’s dead do you?), Michael Caine as Aldred, and Morgan Freeman as Lucias Fox. But everyone knows that a Batfilm is made or broke with villains. Here are four we wanna see (well three, plus an anti-antihero).

We think Johnny Depp would fit the role of The Riddler perfectly. He has the ability to be funny in a whimsical sort of way (a la Jack Sparrow or Willie Wonka), yet able to do serious roles (such as in Secret Window or The Ninth Gate). Mr. Depp also has a knack for bringing any role he sinks into to life, something that any baddie successor to the late Heath Ledger will have to do.



With Rachel Whatsherface out of the picture there is room for another love interest in Bruce’s life. The most obvious choice to us is Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman. For such a role, Nolan will need someone who is not only sexy, but fierce as well. We suggest Jessica Biel. She proved herself fierce in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and is 100% sexy. Oh, and if Nolan seriously casts Cher, I will boycott the film and laugh as it burns in hell.




Now that Batman is being hunted by the police, it is a perfect time to bring in his longtime nemesis, Detective Harvey Bullock, putting him in charge of tracking down and arresting the caped crusader. For this role, we choose Michael Madsen. His body of work proves that he is beyond capable of depicting a rough around the edges, hardboiled detective.





Finally, since we obviously can’t have back the Joker we want, let’s throw his honey into the mix (maybe with just a cameo appearance, promising of another Batfilm). At first we were thinking it would be a role perfect for Jessica Alba. However, the more we thought about it, the more Miss Scarlet Johanson appealed to us. So what do you think?

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What If You Were Batman

Thanks to Ironman2978 over at the Comic Book Resources Forum, I found this video on YouTube. It asks the question, what would happen if Batmen were your average middle class white collar guy. Now, I know this concept has been done before in alternate reality Batman comics, but (as far as I know) it has never been attempted in film. That is why I present this video to you. The cinematography is good and the plot is solid (also offering a nice twist on Alfred). The acting, though not award winning, is just as good as any straight to DVD movie. As Ironman2978 mentioned, I can see a sequel coming to this nice little fan film. I’m interested in where the filmmakers take the story and what their take on the Joker would be. So, without further ado… The Bat Man.

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DC Gets Dark

Andy Khouri reported on Comic Book Resources yesterday that Warner Brothers’ president, Jeff Robinov, intends to explore the darker side of superheroes in films based on DC comics. This is in response to the recent success of the company’s record setting film, The Dark Knight, and the fact that Superman Returns wasn’t such a hot movie. This course of action has thus put a damper on the Superman/Batman movie, the Justice League movie, and a Superman sequel. Instead, the company intends on releasing about two films based on DC characters per year, portraying them as darkly as the character will allow, and using Marvel’s strategy of introducing each character individually with plans of making an eventual team movie. This means reintroducing Superman and retooling some of the other projects they had planned. Currently, they have Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman movies in development, as well as a third Batman film.

However, I don’t think this is the solution for them. Honestly, Batman is their darkest character (aside from their Vertigo titles) and he’s still not as dark as he could be. Adopting Marvel’s strategy is a good idea… as long as they stick with keeping the same actors in the roles of the characters they are playing. Rather than making all the characters dark though, they should portray the character as they were meant to be portrayed. For Superman, I would introduce him much like they introduced Batman in Batman Begins with flashbacks shown between an present storyline. Instead of making him dark though, I would show him as someone who has grown to love humanity with an overwhelming desire to protect it. Superman Returns really just portrayed him as a two dimensional character who could do neat stuff. Oh, and could we get someone for him to pound on? And, while I like Jonathan and Ryan Nolan’s scripts for the Batman films, I would make them darker still and invite either Frank Miller or Allen Moore to write the third one. What about this title: “The Goddamn Batman?”

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Be A Rebel

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As I get ready to start penning a web series to be released on YouTube and on this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to share this book with you. Far from a how-to book, Rebel Without A Crew by Robert Rodriguez is still a must have for all would-be filmmakers. For those of you unfamiliar with the films of Rodriguez, you’ve either not read the credits of some of the best campy movies out there or been living under a rock. He is the mastermind behind Desperado, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Planet Terror, and the upcoming Red Sonja. Before all these blockbusters though, there was El Mariachi. This Spanish language film was shot on a budget of $7,000 over the couse of a couple weeks. And you know what? It’s good.

Rebel Without A Crew chronicles Robert’s journey, from selling his body to science to pay for the film (I’m not joking) to it landing him a deal with Paramont. Like I said it is not an instruction manual. However, there is a section in the back called “The Ten Minute Film School.” That’s right, according to Robert, everything you need to know about making a movie you can learn in ten minutes. The book, for what it lacks in instructions, it makes up for in inspiration. Seeing what this guy went through to get his movie made, one can’t help but feel they can do it too.

Filled with outlandish, yet true stories, the book is well written and never fails to entertain. The Ten Minute Film School is actually very helpful and inspiring in its own right. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out the movie it’s about.

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The Clone Bore

I just got out of the theater with my son after watching the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise, The Clone Wars. This completely CG film is set sometime between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. In it Count Dooku and the droid army have devised a plot to turn the Hutt Clan against the Republic by making it appear as though the Jedi have kidnapped Jabba’s son. Anakin and his new Padawan Ahsoka Tano must recover and safely return “stinky” as they call the young Hutt to Jabba in order to obtain safe passage to the clone army through the outer rim.

The acting was base level at best, which is actually normal for a Star Wars film and I was pleased to hear the voices of Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, Anthony Daniels, and Tom Kane (Yoda in Episode III) in their respective roles. However, all other roles (Anikin, Obi-Wan, Padme) were all recasted. There is a lot of great cinematography and a lot of great battle scenes. However, the characters are a bit inconsistant. Some appear well rounded and formed while others seem polygonal (especially Jabba). The animation also seemed a little choppy in parts as well. As for the plot, I don’t see where the title’ Clone War came into it. This film was more about the Hutts (including Jabba’s uncle who owns a nightclub) and the droid army.

What’s my verdict? Despite the big battle scenes, little was done in showing Jedi using the force. This is just sad, since there is literally nothing you can’t do in anime. There was no point in giving Anakin a padawan learner since she is not mentioned in any other Star Wars film. Furthermore, if they were going to call the movie The Clone Wars, then they should have made it about the Clone War. Two things I was thankful for though. 1) We were not subjected for an instant to Jar-Jar. 2)The look on my son’s face from seeing a Star Wars film intended for children on the big screen. If you are going to see this film alone, I give it a 2 out of 5 stars ( diehard fanboys only). If you have a child you are taking to see it, I give it 3 out of 5 stars (the joy your child feels will make it bearable).

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