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Founded by Raymond J. Repass, Neorama Entertainment is the result of him pursuing his dreams. Operating on two levels – a blog offering the latest news on Neorama’s projects, comic books, movies, literature, and more; and an entertainment media company bringing you comics, videos, and literature for geeks and dorks that have grown up.

Raymond is, himself, a lifelong sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fan who has a passion for comics, movies, and literature. Being a writer, amateur artist, and aspiring filmmaker, he decided it is time to pursue his dreams and share his passions with the world. Thus, Neorama Entertainment was born. The name, taken from the Greek Neo and Orama, literally means “New Vision,” which is exactly what Raymond is hoping to create. Because, though he is a fan of classic comics, he hopes to present his as a grown up version of time favored classics. These are not going to be your parents’ superheroes. Likewise, his videos and literature also follow a more adult theme. We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.

Neorama Entertainment

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